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International Postal money order

Stretch comfortably to fit every shape and size pool. To select the size of the net only a close approximation of the length and width of the swimming pool is required.

The length of the individual nets are available in increments of

  • 2 feet (up to 43 feet) or 1/2 of meter (up to 12 meters)
You can stretch the width of the
  • small net up to 6-9 feet (2-3 meters)
  • medium, up to 13-16 feet (4-5 meters)
  • large up to 23-26 feet (7-8 meters)
to fit every shape and size pool.

I order following items

length , , width
length , , width
length , , width
length , , width


Order example

The net weighs up to 6 pounds including the bag and, depending on the measurement price range from 36 dollars / 30 euro up to 250 dollars / 210 euro.

For further information see contact or call mobile: +420 731 181 651, tel./fax: +420 283 911 367

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