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Installation of MIJU Quick/grip mesh screen covers

The package includes

  • net with adjustable elastic
  • retractable buttons
  • tent pegs


  • The net does not resist strain from sharp items! It can be cut through!
  • Never allow an open flame to come in close proximity to the net.
  • Do not attempt to stretch the net beyond its maximum length or width. The most important thing is that the edge of the net around the circumference of the place you like to covert is tight, so leaves and other large debris are not blown by the wind under the net.

Using the supplied tent pegs, anchor the net first on one side, then, pull the net over the area to be covered. The most effective way would be to anchor the width of the net first. Then do the same on the opposite side. The variations are vast, based on the possibility to stretch the elastic from the edge of the net, then easily peg down to the soft terrain, or in the case of hard terrain attach the net to grounded or heavy items in the surrounding area such as: a fence, tree trunk, pole, handrail etc.