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The measurements of MIJU Quick/grip mesh screen covers

Stretch comfortably to fit every shape and size pool.

To select the size of the net only a close approximation of the length and width of the swimming pool is required.

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The length of the individual nets are available in increments of

  • 2 feet (up to 43 feet) or 1/2 of meter (up to 12 meters)
You can stretch the width of the
  • small net up to 9-13 feet (3-4 meters)
  • medium, up to 16-19 feet (5-6 meters)
  • large up to 26-29 feet (8-9 meters)
to fit every shape and size pool.

In case a custom size net is needed that is not listed, the order should be placed one month prior to net delivery, to allow for necessary adjustments in manufacturing.

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Different ways to secure the Quick/grip mesh screen cover

  1. Lay the net completely over the swimming pool and terrazzo and then peg it down into the soft ground
  2. Simply tighten the net over the swimming pool.

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