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MIJU Quick/grip mesh screen covers

rychloupínací bazénová síť

Quick/grip mesh screen covers provide simple, cheap and effective protection for swimming pools against falling leaves and larger organic debris. The net allows for even air flow from all sides so the leaves dry out very easily, and the wind is able to blow off the debris from the surface off the net.

Stretch comfortably to fit every shape and size pool. To select the size of the net only a close approximation of the length and width of the swimming pool is required.

The length of the individual nets are available in increments of

  • 2 feet (up to 43 feet) or 1/2 of meter (up to 12 meters)
You can stretch the width of the
  • small net up to 9-13 feet (3-4 meters)
  • medium, up to 16-19 feet (5-6 meters)
  • large up to 26-29 feet (8-9 meters)
to fit every shape and size pool.

In case a custom size net is needed that is not listed, the order should be placed one month prior to net delivery, to allow for necessary adjustments in manufacturing.

The variations are vast, based on the possibility to stretch the elastic from the edge of the net, then easily peg down to the soft terrain around the swimming pool, or in the case of terrazzo, attach the net to grounded or heavy items in the surrounding area of the swimming pool such as: a large flowerpot, garden lighting, etc.

Why Quick/grip mesh screen covers are superior to other swimming pool canvas covers.

  • Quick/grip mesh screen covers are easy to implement for every day use
  • Quick/grip mesh screen covers are lighter, more practical and easier to store than any kind of heavy plastic polyethylene canvas covers
  • In the case of someone falling into the canvas covers it is a much more dangerous situation, because with the canvas cover it is less possible to hear or see someone if they somehow become trapped underneath. Although, with the Quick/grip mesh screen covers this is not the case because the net is lighter and stays on the surface of the swimming pool, and since it is transparent you would be able to see anyone in distress in the pool.
  • With the canvas covers it is not possible to appreciate the beauty of your swimming pool year round, but, with the transparent Quick/grip mesh screen cover, this is not the case.

Quick/grip mesh screen covers are manufactured with the synthetic polyethylene resistant fiber that is able to withstand UV radiation, heat and frost. The Quick/grip mesh screen cover is protected by an international patent. The guarantee period is 24 months beginning from the day of purchase.

The Quick/grip mesh screen covers can be used in conjunction with solar covers to protect them from falling leaves and larger organic debris collecting on top.